Soma series by Morten Georgsen


SOMA Morten Georgsen

Our new line, Soma for Steens, was born from our vision of creating an affordable designer furniture collection without forgoing design, comfort or quality.

Steens selected MortenGeorgsen studio to bring Soma concept to life. Mortengeorgsen design studio, located in Valencia, Spain, has a very simple philosophy, to design furniture that will give people pleasure for years to come.

It’s founder and owner, Morten Georgsen, started his design career working for Bang & Olufsen in Denmark and has since focused on designing furniture for many famous international furniture institutions.

The studios’ success is in part due to Morten Georgsens’ approach of merging his Danish design concepts with this from his international staff of varying backgrounds.

Their philosophy and approach to design has made Mortengeorgsen one of the most important design studios in the world of furniture today.

Sideboard 3 Doors
Soma Sideboard 3 Doors
Sideboard 2 Doors with 3 Drawers
Soma Sideboard 2 Doors 3 Drawers
Sideboard 4 Doors
Soma Sideboard 4 Doors
Media Unit
Soma Media Unit
Desk / vanity
Soma Desk / vanity
Dining Table
Soma Dining Table
Soma Dresser
Soma Tallboy
Soma Nightstand


Wardrobe 3 Doors
Soma Wardrobe 3 Doors
Wardrobe 2 Doors
Soma Wardrobe 2 Doors